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Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

Disabled and handicapped students who would like to pursue college education actually enjoyed some advantage over other students in securing scholarships. Perhaps, they may be circumstances where disabled students get the scholarships faster and easier because there are several corporations and institutional scholarships that are strictly offered for disabled students.

Huge corporations and institutions like Bank of America and Microsoft Corporation also offer special scholarships for disabled students. There are even universities in the United States like George Mason University, George Washington University, Gallaudet University and Western Michigan University that invite and encourage education among disabled students by providing resource centers and support services for them to make learning more convenient and successful.

The AT&T Scholarship For Women Pursuing PhD In Computers

The AT&T Labs Fellowship Program is exclusively for outstanding but under-represented minorities especially women graduate students who are pursuing PhD studies in computer, information technology and communications-related field of studies.

This Fellowship Program provides a comprehensive scholarship assistance like paying all the educational expenses during the school year, including tuition, books, fees, and approved travel expenses. Scholars are also given a separate allowance for living expenses which currently set at $2380 per month for 10 months and a $500 book allowance.

To qualify for this program, you must be presently enrolled or planning to enrol as a graduating senior or on your first or second year of graduate school leading to a PhD degree. The scholarship is being offered to qualified Hispanic, African-American, or Native American.

You do not need to prove your financial status when applying for this scholarship as long as you meet the major criteria that are stated above. Applicants may secure application for this scholarship program until January. For more information on how to apply, read here.

Scholarship For Students With Dwarfism

Yes, the Billy Barty Foundation is offering monetary scholarship for students with dwarfism or the ones being called Little People. The foundation aimed to help the Little People improved their life by helping them through education and even employment.

This special foundation raised their funds and continuously supports Little People who would like to pursue college education through their Billy Barty Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic that is held every year. Yes, the one who help this foundation all through out are your favorite celebrities.

Billy Barty Foundation is not only dedicated to provide financial aids or employment to the Little People, they are also there to give emotional support and comfort for the entire family of the Little People.

Need Based Scholarships

Though majority of scholarship sponsors target students who are academically gifted or student leaders, there are some scholarships that are intended for financially incapable students. These scholarships are usually termed as Need Based Scholarships.

The primary institution that offer need based scholarships is the government. That is why college bound students who are seeking for financial aid to pursue college education are encourage to fill out the Free Application for Student Aid or FAFSA. Aside from the federal government, there are several institutions that also offer need based scholarships

The usual range of financial aid that you can get from them is from $200 to $2000. However, bear in mind that institutions who are offering need based scholarships are not as many as merit based scholarships. So it is a must to search and apply early if you want to have this type of scholarship.

Fortune 500 Scholarships

Fortune 500 scholarships  are the educational assistance that is given by prestigious corporations in the United States. These companies sponsor scholarships as their way to bring back something to community and to reinvest their wealth through helping deserving youths to pursue college education. The scholarships they provide are also a form of corporate philanthropy that gives them a positive and more established identity in the industry.

Soft drink companies, commodity brokers, grocery chains and IT companies are just few companies that compose the Fortune 500 list that surely have scholarship offers. So if you will look closer, there are really huge numbers of Fortune corporations where you can apply scholarships. These companies may not always announce their scholarship offers through newspaper but for sure, they have some announcement over their website or corporate sites. So it is worthy to visit their website to be informed of their existing scholarship offers.

Civic and Community Scholarships

If you have difficulty accessing or looking for scholarships offers from companies or other international institutions, you may want to look for sponsors who are offered by civic groups just within your community. Some examples of social civic groups that are normally present in each town or locality are Lions Club, Elks Club and Rotary Club.

These civic groups also sponsor scholarships and it is worth checking out their requirements because more often, they have more lenient criteria and prioritize students that are within the scope of their offices. They may not give you the best and most comprehensive scholarship offer but you can be sure that these civic groups can assist you to obtain scholarship or give you more recommendations to other scholarship sponsors.

Career Based Scholarships

If you are a student who is very passionate in pursuing a certain career because you know that you are intellectually prepared for the challenges of that career and you are genuinely interested to work in its particular industry, why not look for Career Based Scholarships?

You may have a big chance to be awarded of a scholarship if your desire is really obvious because you can clearly present your self to the screener and might probably impress them if you are already certain on what career you want to pursue by this time: Computer Programming, Veterinary Medicine, etc.

One common example of career based scholarship is the one offering by multinational agencies or companies like Microsoft Corporation for those students who desire to be a computer scientist in the future.  And there are other institutions that are offering career based scholarship like the College of Veterinary Medicine of Iowa University.

So define what career you wish to pursue and if you think that you can ascertain yourself to this career, begin searching for the agencies that are looking for career-driven students to qualify for their career based scholarship.

A Gist To National Scholarships

The National Scholarships are types of merit based scholarship that are being offered not only to students within a particular locality but also to students from other states across the United States. Qualifying for this scholarship is really hard because you are competing from thousand of outstanding students and because of this National Scholarships are said to be the most prestigious form of merit based scholarships.

There are many kinds of National Scholarships that are being offered by various non profit corporations and private corporations and even by prestigious universities like Harvard. There is also National Scholarships that are intended for minorities but the most common types of National Scholarships are the National Merit Scholarship Program and National Achievement Scholarship Program. These scholarships are both governed by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, a non profit organization.

The National Merit Scholarship and the National Achievement Scholarship have the same benefits and privilege. However, the national Achievement Scholarship Program is exclusively open for exceptional black students unlike the National Scholarship Program which is open for all outstanding US citizen students. If for instance the black students applied and win both scholarship programs, they will only be awarded by one type of scholarship which is more advantageous to a particular recipient.