Monthly Archives: February 2008

FAFSA Reminder For Scholarship Seeker

We are now approaching the third month of the year and this means that students who wish to apply for various scholarships should already filed their FAFSA by now.  Although filing by March or April is just fine, it is highly recommended to file as soon as possible after January 1. This is to maximize your chance to apply for scholarship programs that open up for applicants as early as February.

But if your parents’ taxes are not yet ready or has to be computed yet or if you are still looking for ways on how to obtain a good FAFSA assessment, check out this site because it can teach you various ways to qualify for more financial aid. It has good recommendations and techniques from preparing and filing up your FAFSA. You can even have a practice FAFSA form to estimate your EFC and tips on reducing your Adjusted Gross Income.

Calgon Scholarship

Calgon is women’s one of the favorite brands of body sprays and it is nice to know that it also offers scholarships for women who are going back to school to finish a degree, changing careers and getting a new degree, or going to college for the first time.

They have several scholarship programs but as of now, some of the programs are not yet available for application. However, I stumbled upon Homeschool Buyers Co-op website and found out that the essay submission for Calgon: Take Me Away Scholarship is until February 28, 2008. The first prize winner will win $5000 scholarship money.

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