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FOP Scholarship At Tiffin University

Tiffin University is offering Fraternal Order of Police Scholarship through the FOP University consortium for their new students who are enrolled in Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ) Fast Track Degree Completion Program or Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Fast Track Degree Completion Program.

Qualified scholars will receive a Fraternal Order of Police scholarship of $150 per credit hour and new students who are enrolled in Tiffin’s graduate program will be given a Fraternal Order of Police scholarship of $250 per credit hour.

For more information about this kind of scholarship, please visit the Scholarship and Financial Aid Page of Tiffin University.

Summer Music Scholarship Programs

Few months from now and it is already summer; but for students who are determined to study music this coming season, this is the best time to look for summer scholarships. And to give you some ideas on where to look for scholarships that you can use for studying music, you can check out the Philanthropies, Inc which is the charitable arm of Sigma Alpha Iota.

This institution offer several kinds of music scholarships that can be enjoyed by students during summer. The good thing about their summer scholarship programs is that members and non-SAI members are both welcome to apply.

Some examples of the summer scholarship programs are the Aspen National Vocal Scholarship, Brevard Music Center, Chautauqua Summer Institution, Inspiration Point Opera Scholarship, Interlochen Center for the Arts and the International Festival-Institute at Round Top. These programs provide $1000 worth of summer scholarships to qualified applicants. For more information, please click here.

Pi Kappa Alpha Scholarship

FraternityLive recently announced the creation of Financial Management Scholarship for members of the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity with the $21,000 scholarship endowment. The Pi Kappa Alpha Scholarship will provide two scholarships annually to their student members who demonstrate exemplary leadership capabilities as well as academic achievement

The said $21,000 scholarship endowment was started by Kris White, a fellow collegiate member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity and creator of FraternityLive, The endowment aims to provide mentorship to his fellow Fraternity brothers.

For more information about the Pi Kappa Alpha Financial Management Scholarship, please look for contact Corina Newby.

Beta Lambda Chapter Scholarships

The Beta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity that is located in Kansas has a scholarship program every year for American-African students. And although this is fraternity scholarship, it can be applied even by those students who were not members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity as long as the applicants has desire to pursue their college education.

This fraternity is awarding $1000 scholarship for American-African college bound high school graduates. Applying for this scholarship is easy because it does not require any documents aside to completed application form. However, the $1000 scholarship will be awarded after the recipient has enrolled in college.

Circle K Scholarship Program

Circle K International is a co-educational service that is organized by Kiwanis club within a college or university. Being a member of Circle K has a lot of privileges like the eligibility to apply for various Circle K Scholarship Programs. And because Kiwanis is widely present in every state all over the United States, you can surely find a Circle K organization near you.

The scholarship assistance given by Kiwanis at the Circle K International ranges from $500-$2500. And if you are a woman and plan to enroll at Converse College, you may be qualified to receive one of the 25 scholarships that is equivalent to $9,500 per year for four years.

Criteria, requirements and application deadline greatly vary on your location so it is a must to check the nearest Kiwanis or Circle K International near you. All scholarship applications are likewise submitted in the nearest Kiwanis district. For the updated information about the Circle K Scholarship Program procedure, please click here.

4 Year College Scholarship From Elks National Foundation

The Elks National Foundation is one of the several institutions in the United States that generously award 500 Four Year College Scholarships under their “Most Valuable Student” competition.  The “Most Valuable Student” competition is open to all high school seniors even if you are not related to an Elks member.

However, students who are enrolled in college are not eligible to apply for this scholarship program. Each applicants are judged and scored based on ACT/SAT score and transcript; leadership, extra curricular activities, essay and awards; financial needs; and exhibits.

For this year’s applicants, there will be 2 scholars that will receive 4 Year College Scholarship with total amount of $60,000 each for first place; $40,000 each for second place; $20,000 each for third place; there will be 494 scholars that will receive a 4 Year scholarship amounting to $4,000 each.

However, the application for high school seniors who will start their college this 2007 is already over. But if you are incoming high school senior this year and will be studying in college by 2008, watch out for the opening of this program by this coming September 2007.

Mu Phi Epsilon Scholarship Programs For Musician

If you are a musician who would like to advance your career or further develop your talent in creating music through various instruments, you may wish to consider applying for the scholarships that are being offered by Mu Phi Epsilon fraternity.

The Mu Phi Epsilon organization has a foundation that provides a wide range of scholarships that covers all aspect of music from voice, conduction, composition to playing instruments like piano, harp, violin or guitar. They have over 30 scholarship programs that award scholarship money ranging from $400 to $7000.

Explore the scholarship opportunities from Mu Phi Epsilon to know which scholarship program is appropriate for you. You could apply to any of the scholarship by downloading the application form here and submit it through the specific scholarship chairperson before March 1, 2007