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Scholarship Opportunities From Banco Popular And DeVry

Banco Popular and DeVry University has scholarship programs for incoming college freshmen and for adult learners. The usual amount of scholarship they provide is up to $9000 which is distributed to $1000 per semester.

To qualify for this scholarship, students must be living and studying in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Houston TX, or Chicago IL. Likewise, the selected scholars must be willing to study in the Miramar FL, Chicago, IL Houston TX, North Brunswick NJ or Long Island City NY campus of DeVry in their state of residency.

Furthermore, the applicant must also have at least 2.7 GPA and must be able to provide a letter of recommendation from any member of their community. The recommendation letter must state the community service, volunteerism and leadership skills of the student.

Scholarship For Students Returning In College After 5 Years

There is another scholarship opportunity to those people who want to return in college after 5 years. The scholarship is known as the Russ Griffith Memorial Scholarship which is also known as the Returning Student Scholarship.

This scholarship is offered to students of universities and colleges that are clients of Datatel. The scholarship award is $2,000 each and Russ Griffith Memorial scholarship selects a total of fifty scholars every year. To apply, the student needs to submit a maximum of 1000-word essay that discusses the impact of being a returning student, the challenges of combining life interests, such as work and family, along with school, and the importance of receiving a this scholarship to help achieve a dream.

One can apply for Russ Griffith Memorial scholarship until January 31, 2008. For more information about the application process and scholarship requirements, visit the Scholarship Application Page.

Scholarship Program For Women Who Graduated In High School 10 Years Ago

There are actually many financially restricted women who were unable to enroll in college or any vocational courses after they graduated in high school because of high cost of education. But now these women who graduated ten years ago or more (on or before September 1998) can finally have a chance to study in college or take a vocational or technical program because the Talbots Charitable Foundation has a special scholarship program for them.

The Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund, will give away award a total of $100,000 in scholarships to women who are determined to finally get their college degree. Five women scholars will each receive $10,000 scholarships to pursue a 4 year degree program while 50 $1,000 scholarships will be given to women seeking vocation courses.

Even women who have GED can apply for this scholarship as long as they earned it at least ten year ago. To get a copy of the application form, please click here. Deadline for submission is on January 2, 2008 or until the 1,000 applications has been achieved.

Displaced Homemaker Scholarship

There is a great scholarship opportunity that helps those adults who were not able to finish their degree due to their family responsibilities. The scholarship is called the Displaced Homemaker Scholarship that is sponsored by the Association on American Indian Affairs.

The Displaced Homemaker Scholarship provide $1500 worth of money that can be used by displaced homemakers (both men and women) to continue their college degrees. This scholarship money can be used by scholars to pay for their educational costs, transportation as well as daily living expenses and the cost of their childcare.

To apply for this scholarship, applicants need to provide an essay of their family responsibilities and their monthly estimated budget. This scholarship can be also renewed by the scholars by reapplying each year. For more information about the Displaced Homemaker Scholarship, you can contact Lisa Wyzlic at 240-314-7155 or send an email at

Scholarship For Rhode Island Students Ages 45 And Up

If you are looking for a scholarship program that is designed for adult learners ages 45 and up, then, you might be interested to take a look and possibly apply for the Lily and Cottelo Sorrentino Scholarship. This scholarship is specifically for older students (45 years old and above) of Rhode Islands who wish to enroll is any degree granting college or university.

The scholarship amount that this Sorrentino awards to its recipients may range from $350 to $1000. This is a scholarship based on financial needs hence; you need to submit a copy of your financial aid award letter and final student aid report.

To view the application form, please follow this link. For more information, you can go to the Sorrentino Memorial Scholarship page or call the Rhode Isalnd Foundation at 274-4564

Scholarship For Women Aged 40 And Above

Scholarship is not only for young generation because even adults ages 40 and above can still find some scholarship programs that are specifically created to help adults who want to engage in life long learning or continuous education. One good example is the scholarship program by AARP Foundation.

They have this Scholarship Program that is intended for women aged 40 and above who are seeking for new job skills, training, and educational opportunities to support themselves and their families as well as to improve their communities.

The AARP Foundation Women’s Scholarship Program is open for application until October 31, 2007. To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must be able to demonstrate financial need and should submit a proposal for enrollment in a not-for-profit, post-secondary school or training program within 6 months of the scholarship award date.

Likewise, all applicants must have valid email address to complete the application and be able to use the access code of AFWSP. Women who are in jobs with insufficient pay, grandmothers or other female relatives with significant financial responsibility for one or more children of another family member and females who are returning to the workforce after an extended absence are the priorities of this scholarship program.