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Harry Truman Graduate Scholarship

The Harry S. Truman Scholarship is open for college juniors who would like to pursue a graduate degree in any public service field and have a career in government, uniformed services, public interest organizations, non-governmental research or educational organizations and other public service-oriented non-profit organizations.

This scholarship awards $30,000 scholarships money and scholars must work in public service office for 3 of the 7 years following completion of their graduate degree program. To apply for Truman Scholarship, you need to be an academically excellent student with passion for public service and submit at least 3 Letters of Recommendation.

Application form can be submitted online on or before November 18, 2008. For more information, please visit the Truman Scholarship website.

Wellstone Fellowship for Social Justice

The Wellstone Fellowship awards one an annual stipend of approximately $35,000 and excellent health care benefits to the lucky social justice fellow every year. This fellowship is designed to help black/African American, Latino, Asian and Pacific Islander, and Native American social justice leaders who are interested in health care policy.

This grant does not have any GPA requirement or a specific academic discipline preference to its applicants as long as they have a college degree and demonstrate a commitment to contributing to social justice work following their year of hands-on experience as a fellow. Applications is open until January 15.  Click here to download the application form.

To see all the details for Wellstone Fellowship, you can visit this page or contact Melissa Rosenblatt at 202-628-3030.

Obtaining Scholarship For Italian Language School

Foreign students who wish to study about Italian language or Italian culture courses in authentic Italian school such as Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci in Italy may try to apply for scholarship through the Italian Consulate or Embassy that is located in their respective countries.

Simply contact or visit the Italian diplomatic or consular missions and ask about the scholarship offer for Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci. You will then complete the application form and requirements and submit it back at the embassy.

The scholarship applicants will be chosen by the the Minister of Foreign Affairs. For more study grant option, please visit the scholarship and financial aid page of the Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci.

Swiss University Graduate Scholarship

For those students who are dreaming to study abroad but does not have enough financial capabilities to support advance studies, you may want to take a look at the Swiss Government Scholarship offer for foreign students.  The Swiss government provides a several scholarship opportunities for each country such as USA and other Asian and African and European countries.

The scholarship is applicable for post-graduate Applied Science programs as well as in the field of design or music arts and is valid only for full time studies in Switzerland. The scholarship is not applicable for on-the-job studies, part-time studies or correspondence courses.

The scholarship duration is for the nine-month academic year with the amount of Sfr. 1’600 to Sfr. 1’920 every month depending on the course of program of the scholars. The renewal of scholarship depends on the county category. All scholarships can be applied around October of each year.

The application forms can be obtained from the Swiss diplomatic representation and also from the ministry of education of your country. For the complete details of this scholarship grant, please read here.

Scholarship Opportunities From The US Air Force

Did you know that the US Air Force can offer you great scholarship opportunities? They can even provide you allowances through out your college years and a guaranteed career right after you graduated. The have several kinds of scholarship programs for incoming college freshmen and currently enrolled college students.

For incoming freshmen, they have the Air Force ROTC High School Scholarship Program that offers three to four-year scholarships in three different types (Type 1, Type 2, Type 7) to high school seniors that pay full or partial college tuition and most school fees as well as a $900 book allowance and a non taxable monthly allowance ranging from $250 to $400.

For currently college freshmen or sophomores, the US Air Force has the In-College Scholarship Program that is offered in either Type 2 (tuition capped at $15,000 per year), Type 3 (tuition capped at $9,000 per year) or Type 6 (tuition capped at $3,000 per year) scholarships for 2 or 3 years.

To be eligible to apply for these scholarships, students must be a United States citizen or at least become a US citizen by the end of the projected term of activation. Students must also pass the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test, the Air Force ROTC Physical Fitness Test and meet the Air Force ROTC weight and body fat standards.

And so, if you want a comprehensive scholarship and a career in the US Air Force, try searching the US Air Force website for the most suitable scholarship program for you.

Samsung Scholarship For Descendants Of US Wartime Veterans

Samsung, a leading electronics manufacturing corporation from Korea is providing a total of $5 Million scholarship fund to show their appreciation to U.S. veterans who came to the aid of Korea during their struggle against communist forces during the Korean War.

The Samsung scholarships  are administered by the American Legion and are intended for direct descendant (child, grandchild, great grandchild or a legally adopted child) of a U.S. wartime veteran. Qualified applicants are those in high school junior who participate in or completed the American Legion Boys State or American Legion Auxiliary Girls State Program.

The Samsung scholarship awards $1000 to $20000 per scholar. The scholarship can only be used for undergraduate studies but may be spend to pay for tuition, books, fees and lodging. Scholars are selected based on their academic record; extra curricular activities at high school; involvement in community services; and financial need. Descendants of US veterans of the Korean War get additional points toward winning the scholarship.

Application form can be found here.

Scholarship Offer From Navy

The Navy is one good source of finding educational assistance. Many practical students enter Navy because of the college programs  it has for the new enlistees. Furthermore, the Navy can help students accelerate their college education while they are serving.

Some of the well-known Navy college programs are the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps, Montgomery G.I. Bill, the Navy College Fund and the Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program. The NROTC offers competitive scholarship for high school graduates that allow hem to take a normal course load in any Naval accredited college.

Some of the key benefits of NROTC scholarship are its up to $180,000 subsidy to cover the tuition, books, and related college expenses of the students, the freedom to take any  four-year degree from one of over 160 top colleges and universities and a guaranteed job right after the students graduated from college.

The Montgomery G.I. Bill or MGIB on the other offers education benefits of more than $36000 by just taking $100 reduction in your Navy pay for one year. This can be combined with the Navy College Fund to get more that $70,000 to pay for your college education. Students under this program are entitled to receive up to 36 months of educational benefits as full-time students. The Navy College Fund is available for high school graduates who scored 50 or better on the ASVAB and qualified for certain Navy apprenticeships. This can give the students extra $15,000.

If you are an existing college student who wants to become a Navy officer when you graduated, you can be eligible to apply for Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program or BDCP. This program can give you up to $152,000 of financial assistance. You can also enjoy food and housing allowances under this program.

For more information about the great educational opportunities that awaits you in the Navy, please click here.

University Of Minnesota Founders Free Tuition Program

You heard it right! The University of Minnesota has this Founder’s Free Tuition Program that allows eligible freshmen and transfer students to study and complete their degree for free in any of the University of Minnesota campus: Crookston, Duluth, Morris, Twin Cities, or Rochester.

To be eligible for this scholarship, the applicants must be permanent residents of Minnesota and must qualify for the federal Pell grants. This means that applicants must came from families with an annual income of less than $50,000.

The goodness of the Founders Free Tuition Program is that there is no limit to the number of students that can receive the said 100% free tuition cost because as long as the applicants filed their FAFSA and became assessed to be eligible, all of them can study at University of Minnesota without paying the tuition cost.

Moreover, this scholarship program can be renewed for up to 4 years as long as the students meet the eligibility requirements for the program and enrolled as a full-time student. To learn more about this great scholarship opportunity for University of Minnesota, please visit this page.

KAUST Long Term Scholarship Offer For Students Worldwide

Are you soon graduating in college and have plans to take up graduate or master studies by 2009? Then, why not consider the long term scholarship program by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia?

They just launched a fully funded scholarship program for students worldwide that will give full tuition, a living stipend, book and computer allowances, and summer and career enrichment programs to qualified science and technology students at their home institutions. Then after the scholars graduated form their respective universities, they will continue their master’s degree at KAUST by 2009 or 2010 as a fully funded scholar!

So if you are taking up resources, energy and environment; biosciences and engineering; materials science and engineering; applied mathematics or computational science as your undergraduate degree and have a vision to pursue a career in any of these fields of study, start inquiring about this scholarship now.

You may apply for a KAUST Discovery Scholarship directly via online application and send or attach all required documents by November 9, 2007. For more information, please click here.

VFW Military Scholarship

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Military Scholarship Program aims to help the VFW members who are currently serving in uniform or have been discharged within the 3 years before the December 31 deadline.

VFW annually selects 25 military scholars (five members each from Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard). Each scholar will receive $3000 scholarship money to support their desire to continue their education.

Applicants should submit the completed application form along with the copy of their VFW membership card, letter from current Post Commander, legible list of members they recruited and Photostat of auxiliary membership of spouse if any. These documentations are necessary to assess the scholarship applications because each of these has corresponding points.

The application form can be downloaded here and should be mail at VFW Military Scholarship, VFW National Headquarters, 406 West 34th Street, Kansas City, MO 64111.