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More Ways To Build Your College Fund

Scholarship is the most popular way to support your college education but we all know that scholarships are not that easy to get. It entails students to undergo a process and most programs require pertinent documents such as transcript of records and recommendation letters. Furthermore, scholarships often have some eligibility requirements that hinder many students from applying.

But there is another way to build your college fund aside from regular scholarship program. One great way to get free money is to join contests that awards cash prizes. The cash prizes that you can get from winning the contest can help you in paying for your college or pay for your education-related expenses such as lodging, allowances and books.

Joining contest is fun and rewarding, here, you will not be judged based on your academic grades or extra-curricular activities and you will not need any recommendation and referrals in order to participate. Al you need to do some creativity, patient and resourceful and lots of guts.

However, just like applying for scholarship, you need to observe rules and deadlines but rest assure that the rules of most contests are not as stringent as applying for scholarship. Likewise, you need to be careful when applying for contests, make sure that there are no registration fees or purchase requirement because you may end up losing money instead of gaining something.

Remember that legitimate contests are those that do not require entrants to spend anything aside from the costs that are associated in sending their entries. And so, you do not need to buy any gadgets to produce films or photography because you can simply borrow one from a friend or relative.

So if you are having hard time finding scholarships or if you are worried that the scholarships you applied for is not enough to cover your college education, why not try your luck in joining contests? Just search the web or check out this page every now and then because I also feature contests with cool prizes that can benefit students.

Why Join Scholarship Contest

Joining scholarship contests can increase your chance to raise the money you need for your college education. Unlike the regular scholarship programs, the requirement for participating scholarship contests is simple and they do not require you to submit any documents unless you win the contest. You can participate to scholarship contests even if you do not have at least 3.0 GPA and do not have any extra curricular activities.

All you need to do is submit your scholarship entry and wait for the judging! Although scholarship contests are usually one-time prize only, it is still worth trying because of most of them will not require you to buy anything. And you can win $500 to $2000 by just simply writing an essay or expressing your creative ideas.

The best way to search for scholarship contest is of course the Word Wide Web and most of the scholarship contests that are published in the Internet have online access. Students can fill up forms and submit their entry without the need to leave their home. So watch out for various scholarship contests and join as many contests as you can!

Strategies In Winning Scholarships

I have got simple and yet doable strategies from National Society of Hispanic MBA that can help any student win scholarship programs that they need to finance their college studying.

It is true that we need to apply for several scholarships in college because one or two scholarships are not really enough to compensate the cost of college education.  But do not forget that we should not waste our time to test our luck to those scholarships that we can not meet the required criteria.  Apply only to those that you are eligible. And since you are applying for several scholarships, you must plan and create a time line to avoid forgetting the requirements and their respective deadlines.

Request for several copies of your sealed official school transcript and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form earlier because these are the two primary requirements for most scholarship programs.  Be sure that you can submit all the required documents with your scholarship application form because many applicants were disqualified because of incomplete documents. Remember that being resourceful, organize, patient and positive are your best strategies to win scholarships.

Simple Yet Practical Pointers For Scholarship Application

There are times when being academically good is not enough to land for scholarship because scholarships do not automatically come to you unless you are exceptionally excellent and belong to the top three students in your school. You need to be resourceful and connected to all possible people who may help you in finding scholarships.

One practical way to succeed in scholarship application is to talk or have a conversation with existing scholars especially those who previously won the scholarship programs that you are currently applying. Ask around as they can surely give you valuable tips on how to increase your chance of winning the scholarship.

And as soon as you received the application forms, read the instructions thoroughly before filling it up to avoid any unnecessary mistakes. Ask somebody to check your filled up form and your essay, if possible ask two different people to read and check your work.

Make it a habit to submit the application form and all the requested requirements way before the deadline. And be sure that you have a copy of the forms and documents you will going to submit. And finally, send your application forms through certified or registered mail to ensure the safety and receipt of your documents.

Things You Should Know About Renewable Scholarships

Majority of college scholarships are usually offered for one academic year only hence, college students are always on look to new scholarship opportunities to finance the expensive cost of college education. But there are actually several scholarships that can be renewed by the students annually until they finish their course.

So if you are looking for scholarships or if you already have scholarships at hand to use for college, why not review the details of these programs for you to know which among your scholarships can be renewed and be used again for your succeeding years in college?

The beauty of renewable scholarship is that you are partially secured that the sponsor reserved a scholarship slot for you for the years to come. Renewing or maintaining a scholarship is not as hard as applying for a new one because you will not be screened anymore or underwent series of interview. You just have to prove with them that you are worthy of receiving a scholarship again by maintaining good grades.

But take note that even your scholarships are renewable, it does not mean that you will automatically enjoy the scholarship every year. Renewable scholarships need to be applied every year to avail them again. These scholarships are also bounded with some conditions wherein, failure to meet any of those conditions would mean forfeiture of your scholarships. So it would be better to study the rules of your scholarship beforehand for you to maintain your scholarship and avoid making decisions that would affect your scholarships.

To understand more and make out most of your renewable scholarships, check out this write-up.

Securing Letters of Recommendation For Your Scholarship Application

Letters of Recommendation are often one of the general requirements in applying for various scholarship programs. These recommendations are being used to affirm that you are worthy to receive a scholarship and that you are of good moral standing. Letters of Recommendation can be also viewed as endorsement that could help you to land in a scholarship

These recommendations must be written by somebody who knows you as a student or by the one who is familiar with your activities and accomplishments. The best people that could give you a letter of recommendation are usually the dean and faculty members of your school, the officials in the organization where you or your parents are affiliated or the officials from your state or locality.

However, be sure to check the applications on whom you should request your Letters of Recommendation and how many recommendations that they require because the program may specify a certain authorized personality aside from your teachers or mentors and they may also require more than one recommendation. But whenever possible, prefer requesting letters to those who knows you and your works better.

When requesting for a Letter of Recommendation, you should notify the writer in advance to give him or her more time to write and of course, be prepared to follow it up for you not to be compromised with the scholarship deadline.

It is also very advantageous to provide them a copy of your resume and other documentation that supports your academic and extra curricular accomplishments because this will definitely help the writer to create a substantial and impressive letter of recommendation. Your resume and list of accomplishments will likewise help the writer to finish the letter easier and faster.

Read here to learn more about letters of recommendation for scholarship use.

FastWeb Scholarship Search Service

For quite sometime now since I started writing about scholarships, there are lots of scholarship related websites that have a FastWeb link on them. Even universities recommend FastWeb for students searching for scholarships. And so, I tried visiting FastWeb site and I found out that FastWeb is a great site offering not only thousands but millions of scholarships.

FastWeb has a large source of local, national and international scholarships. Aside form this, they provide personalized scholarship matching and suggestions to help students finance their college education. But what I like in FastWeb is that they also a good place to look for a internship and part time jobs. So if you are in need of scholarship or internship, why not try searching at the FastWeb? Joining and creating your profile is free.

Practical Tips When Applying For Scholarships

Applying for scholarship is not a simple task it requires determination to succeed and devotion on complying with all the requirements. To begin your search for the scholarship you want it is vital that you know how to write an essay. Next you must pass the exam with flying colours. You must also take note certain qualifications of the sponsors.

My friend who applied and failed for the Federal Grant, never lose hope. She looked for other source of scholarships. Then she faithfully observed the guidelines for scholarship requirements and lucky her she land the scholarship which she now enjoy. I also remember that during the period of application she was very organized. She submits all the requirements ahead of the deadline and secure extra copy for her reference. Then when its time to mail she makes sure it is sent by registered mail with return card.

I also learn that being candid to your self and to the sponsor is also an important factor. She divulge to me that she always keep in mind to get real and chose only the scholarship that matches her qualifications. She doesn’t just dream of getting the scholarship but instead I see her working for it. Being focus and determine helps her lot to win the scholarship. With her right attitude and determination no wonder she impress the sponsor so if you plan to get a scholarship I guess you must really strive hard just what my friend did.

How Scholarship Applications Are Evaluated

Many applicants for scholarships wonder how their application is evaluated. Well, based on what I have read, most sponsors who receive scholarship application tend to eliminate those who do not qualify with their requirements. This is done to reduce the application. So when you consider applying on scholarship make sure you perfectly fit on their qualifications.

Next on the process is the selection who among the qualified applicants can best show that they are commendable of the scholarship. This is done by checking the essay that can best show the originality and creativeness. Hence in preparing your essay make sure that it is a reflection of your true feelings.

As soon as the judges have chosen the excellent essay among the applicants take note that they will also check the attributes like the academic standing, the leadership ability or demonstrated leadership and even the extra-curricular activities and your characte. This will help them to evaluate and consider you in the scholarship so make sure you have fully observed and comply with their requirements.

When judges have picked their choice among the applicants who passed their requirements they will meet on panel to discuss and finalize the list of the successful applicants. This process involved voting. Hence if your application has met and impress the judges’ rest assured that it may possibly win you the scholarship.

Unusual But Real Scholarships

Unusual scholarships are those scholarship designs to not-so excellent students. Basically they do not require a high class standing for the students to avail the scholarships. So cheer up you may still be eligible in this type of scholarship to lessen your expenses in college education.

To qualify in this type of scholarship you must possess certain qualities. They may consider your height, your unique possessions or distinct characteristic. There are some that cater to those students who are good on playing poker or constructed languages. It may sound strange but this scholarship requirement do really exists.

If these types of scholarship impress you get up. Search to your preferred search engines to lead you in finding the unusual scholarships that match your extraordinary qualities or possessions. Another great way for you to reach the unusual scholarship sponsor is to sign up a scholarship database online. This will make your search very quick and simple.

If you’re a type of person who loves to chat then a visit to forums and message boards can also be a good way to know the unusual scholarship sponsor. Some of the students who visit the scholarship forum and message board can help you in locating to the unusual scholarship that matches your qualities. The means in finding this unusual scholarship require some time. If you are determined to get one go now and start finding the unique scholarship for you.