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Displaced Homemaker Scholarship

There is a great scholarship opportunity that helps those adults who were not able to finish their degree due to their family responsibilities. The scholarship is called the Displaced Homemaker Scholarship that is sponsored by the Association on American Indian Affairs.

The Displaced Homemaker Scholarship provide $1500 worth of money that can be used by displaced homemakers (both men and women) to continue their college degrees. This scholarship money can be used by scholars to pay for their educational costs, transportation as well as daily living expenses and the cost of their childcare.

To apply for this scholarship, applicants need to provide an essay of their family responsibilities and their monthly estimated budget. This scholarship can be also renewed by the scholars by reapplying each year. For more information about the Displaced Homemaker Scholarship, you can contact Lisa Wyzlic at 240-314-7155 or send an email at

Scholarship Programs From University of Illinois at Springfield

The University of Illinois at Springfield has approximately 100 available scholarships every academic year. Incoming college freshmen who wish to enroll at this university may start applying by December.

Some of the UIS scholarships are the Joe Wilkins Scholarship, the Grace Brorstrom Oakley Scholarship, the Lee Frost-Kumpf Scholarship and the Don Stanhope Scholarship. The Joe Wilkins Scholarship is intended for undergraduate or graduate UIS students who enrolled in the College of Business and Management.

The Grace Brorstrom Oakley Scholarship is a $1000 scholarship assistance for continuing part-time or full-time undergraduate students enrolled in an online degree program at UIS who are achieving well academically. Students who will apply for this scholarship must only be enrolled in online courses at a distance. Likewise, this scholarship program gives preference to single mothers who returned to higher education.

The Lee Frost-Kumpf Scholarship is the scholarship program of UIS for their eligible students who are taking up a master’s degree in political studies or public administration. On the other hand, the Don Stanhope Scholarship is for those students who are taking a degree in accounting. This scholarship is renewable for up to three years but requires a 3.3 minimum GPA. The deadline for application for University of Illinois at Springfield scholarships is on March 1.

Scholarship Programs At Champlain College

Aside from the usual financial aid assistance, Champlain College offers several scholarship programs for students with excellent academic achievements. All high school seniors who enrolled in Champlain are automatically assessed for merit scholarship. Students that will be selected as scholars typically enjoy their scholarship from Champlain as long as they remain in good academic standing.

The college also some scholarship programs for those who belong in special population. They have the new American Student Scholarship that is intended for Vermont’s refugee and asylum students; Vermont First Scholarship that is designed for first generation college-bound high school seniors and Single Parent Scholarship that targets the single parents who are enrolled full-time and participating in the Champlain College Single Parents Program.

To be qualified for New American Student Scholarship and Vermont First Scholarship, the student applicants must be also eligible for a Federal Pell Grant. The college also provides grants to their online students. They likewise offer a maximum award of $5000 to International students who are living on campus.