No Cost Tuition At Adams State College

Underserved college students within Colorado who are studying or plan to enroll at Adams College may benefit from the Adams State College-Connections Program. This is also known as the No Cost Tuition program of the college that can cover the student’s cost of tuition, books and fees.

And because this is a need-based financial aid, the students need to be a Pell-Grant eligible in order for them to enter and qualify for this program. Also, the program is for those new, returning and transfer students who are admitted and currently enrolled in the Adams State as full time students having 30 credit hours per academic year.

Another advantage of this program is that this is not a one time offer. Students who qualified and admitted as scholars can enjoy this privilege as along as they maintain their eligibility in terms of academics and financial requirements. So, there is a real chance for Adams State College students to finish their Bachelor Degree in the most economical way.

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