Pacifica Scholarship For Graduate Students

The Pacifica Graduate Institute has a scholarship program for their eligible graduate students who are enrolled in any program the institute before August 1. To apply for this scholarship, the students should submit a short essay stating any extenuating financial circumstances; goals and objectives; plans for the future; and how the scholarship can help in reaching their goals.

The Pacifica Scholarship is based on financial needs and academic achievement, and so, the applicant must complete the FAFSA form with result filed to Pacifica Financial Aid Office. If the scholarship is granted, the students must be enrolled full-time each quarter which is equivalent to a minimum of six units per quarter. Likewise, the scholars must maintain 3.5 cumulative GPA to maintain their scholarship.

The deadline for scholarship application for newly accepted students for Fall 2007 is on August 1, 2007. For more information, please click here.

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