Scholarship For Ordinary American Students

I glimpsed to this article about scholarship for 25% Caucasian and got caught on the insightful comments that the article obtained from its readers. And yes, it is true that for many decades, it is indeed hard for ordinary American students to win scholarships even they have good GPAs for the reason that they do not belong to the so called minority group.

One of them commented that you need to very poor or a black or an Indian or have some Hispanic heritage to have a scholarship. Students who belong in middle class to lower middle class are the one who are literally affected in this scholarship norm as they were the ones who are frequently left out. And hence, it is sometimes inevitable to say that the average American citizens are the ones who experience discrimination.

It is not proper to judge or criticize institutions to help those who belong to minority because their intention are noble but it is high time to give chance or at least equal privilege to all American students whatever their races are.

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