Scholarship For Students Enrolled In Food Service Courses

That is right! If you are an undergraduate student who is enrolled in culinary arts or any food service-related college program and have at least 750 working hours in any food service establishment, you might qualify to receive a college scholarship if you apply for the scholarship offered by Sammy’s and the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF).

Sammy’s and NRAEF award each scholar an amount of $2,000 scholarship money. This is already a big sum of money that could help you finish your degree. Applicants are required to write two short essays about a difficult situation they successfully handled while on a job ( 250-350 word essay) and another essay about the person they considered to be their career role model (450-500 words)

You can start your scholarship application here. Be sure that your essays are type-written and that you submit it with the required documents before the deadline. For 2008 scholarship, applicants may submit on of before the following deadlines: March 31, July 31, and October 31, 2008. For complete details and requirements of this scholarship, please click here.

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