Scholarship For Students With Epilepsy

Did you know that students with diagnosed epilepsy can apply scholarships from Pfizer? There is a Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship that is specifically created to help those outstanding students who has overcome the challenges of epilepsy, participated in extracurricular or community activities and under a doctor’s care for epilepsy.

The Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship provides one year $3000 scholarships for the twenty five outstanding students with epilepsy. Scholars will be selected by the experts in education and medicine.

To join in this Pfizer scholarship, the applicants must high school seniors who has applied to college or currently enrolled students who are taking up undergraduate or graduate studies. The applicants need to register online and send the required documents such as transcript, proof of extracurricular activities and 2 letters of recommendations through postal mail. For complete information, please visit the Common Questions Page of Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship.

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