Scholarship For Tall Students

There may be several scholarship that is intended to help those students with dwarfism but did you know that there is also one organization that provide scholarships for tall students? If you are a female that is at least 5’10” tall or a male that is 6’2″ in height;  apply and be a member at the nearest Tall Club International in your region.

Being a TCI member will give you an opportunity to be awarded a $1000 scholarship. But to be eligible for this scholarship, you must be less that 21 years old and should be a college freshman by Fall. Likewise, you can not apply directly for this scholarship because TCI accepts only applicants that were endorsed by the local club. You need to talk to your local club to endorse you and each local TCI can only endorse one candidate per calendar year.

So if you are tall and serious to get an extra $1000 scholarship, be a member of TCI to grad this opportunity. It would be wise to approach your local TCI officer about your intention early to increase your chance to be nominated for the $1000 TCI scholarship.

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