Scholarship Offer From Navy

The Navy is one good source of finding educational assistance. Many practical students enter Navy because of the college programs  it has for the new enlistees. Furthermore, the Navy can help students accelerate their college education while they are serving.

Some of the well-known Navy college programs are the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps, Montgomery G.I. Bill, the Navy College Fund and the Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program. The NROTC offers competitive scholarship for high school graduates that allow hem to take a normal course load in any Naval accredited college.

Some of the key benefits of NROTC scholarship are its up to $180,000 subsidy to cover the tuition, books, and related college expenses of the students, the freedom to take any  four-year degree from one of over 160 top colleges and universities and a guaranteed job right after the students graduated from college.

The Montgomery G.I. Bill or MGIB on the other offers education benefits of more than $36000 by just taking $100 reduction in your Navy pay for one year. This can be combined with the Navy College Fund to get more that $70,000 to pay for your college education. Students under this program are entitled to receive up to 36 months of educational benefits as full-time students. The Navy College Fund is available for high school graduates who scored 50 or better on the ASVAB and qualified for certain Navy apprenticeships. This can give the students extra $15,000.

If you are an existing college student who wants to become a Navy officer when you graduated, you can be eligible to apply for Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program or BDCP. This program can give you up to $152,000 of financial assistance. You can also enjoy food and housing allowances under this program.

For more information about the great educational opportunities that awaits you in the Navy, please click here.

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