The Sallie Mae Fund Unmet Need Scholarship Program

The Sallie Mae Fund has a special Unmet Need Scholarship Program that aim to supplement the financial aid package that the students received. This program is open to all senior high school, incoming college students or currently enrolled college students regardless of race or national origin. Sallie Mae will award additional $1000 up to $3800 if the students could demonstrate that they still have unmet financial need of at least $1,000 after the financial aid award package has been determined.

And since the basis of award depends on the current financial aid package that the students has, they need to submit the award letter from their school as one of the primary requirements to qualify for this scholarship program. They also need to submit their Student Aid Report (SAR) or Institutional Student Information Report (ISIR).

Sallie Mae Fund will provide a total of $1 Million this 2007 for Unmet Need Scholarship Program so there is a very big chance to qualify for this scholarship. This is not a renewable scholarship but students may reapply every year as long as they meet the eligibility criteria. You can read the complete details of this scholarship and download the application form here. Last day of application and requirements submission is on May 31, 2007.

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