Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship

I stumbled upon the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation and I learned that the foundation offer around 50 Undergraduate Transfer Scholarships to students who are attending community colleges or two-year institutions in the US and planning to transfer or further continue their studies in four-year institutions to complete a formal degree.

Although the award of scholarship varies based on the students’ cost of schooling, a student can avail as much as $30,000 scholarship money per year! This amount is actually very significant and a great help for any student who wants to earn a bachelor degree. But since this is not just an ordinary scholarship, interested students need to be nominated by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Faculty Representative at their institutions in order to apply for the scholarship.

To know more about the Undergraduate Transfer Scholarships, you may read the eligibility requirements and the application materials for this program. You may also inquire at 1-800-498-6478. The deadline for nomination each year is every 1st of February.

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