Walden Doctoral Studies Scholarship

New PhD and Ed.D students of Walden University can now apply for the Walden Doctoral Studies Scholarship, a need based and renewable scholarship intended to help those doctoral students that are in need of financial assistance to support their online doctoral study.

The university will award 100 scholarships for up to $10000 each student that will be disburse equally through out the three terms in the student’s financial aid award year. To be eligible for the above scholarship, you need to be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen, a newly accepted full-time enrolled doctoral student in Walden with program starting in February or March 2007.

And because this is a need based scholarship, you cannot apply to this program without completing FAFSA application and receiving a Student Aid Report. Your expected family contribution should not exceed $1800 as reflected on your 2006–2007 FAFSA. The program is likewise a first come first serve basis so, if you think you are eligible for this scholarship offer, then your should apply as early as possible.

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